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Lavender Fields


In 2016 we took an extended vacation to France. We spent time in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Champagne, and the South of France. It was in the South of France that we discovered the beauty and mystery of perfume making.

One of the activities we had scheduled was perfume making at a renowned perfumery. When we arrived they invited us to the laboratory where there were hundreds of perfume oils and all the supplies one would need to make their own perfume. We were given in-depth instructions and set to work smelling and mixing our own signature bottles. By the end of the day, we each had our own perfume to take with us. 

To put it lightly, we LOVED this whole experience. From the feeling we got while mixing our scents to the finished product, this was something that we wanted other people to have the opportunity to do. Upon returning home to Michigan and Tennessee, we began talking about how we could bring this experience and product to the United States. After almost 5 years of dreaming and learning as much as we could about perfume making, we finally launched Atelier De Fleur Parfumerie to help others experience the joy and beauty of perfume making. 

We have poured our hearts and souls into this company, and we hope that you will enjoy these perfumes and this experience as much as we do. 


Kim & Maddie

Photo of mother and daughter

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