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Introducing our luxurious and convenient Roll On Perfume, the perfect way to carry your favorite fragrance with you no matter where you go. Each scent is carefully handcrafted by our team of professional perfumers, ensuring a truly unique and memorable olfactory experience. With a convenient roll on applicator, you can easily dab on just the right amount of perfume for a subtle and long-lasting aroma. Choose from a variety of captivating scents, all made with high-quality ingredients to provide an uplifting and indulgent experience. Treat yourself to a little luxury and try out our Roll On Perfume today.


Scents Available:


Bonne Fille

Notes of jasmine, orange blossom, praline, & Tonka Bean


A light flirty scent that will start your day off with a 

fragrant lift.


Étreinte Charleur (Charming Embrace)

Notes of Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Tobacco,

Black Pepper, and Bergamot.


Our true unisex fragrance that feels like

wearing a fuzzy coat on a walk through

a fragrant forest.


Fantaisie Fruitée (Fruity Fantasy)

A fruity explosion with 

notes of Pina Colada, Coconut,

and Caribbean fruit. 


Brings back memories or dreams

of a lush and warm beach vacation.


Bosquet de Pamplemousse  (Grapefruit Grove)

Notes of Red and Pink Grapefruit, Saffron, Ginger,

Litsea, and White Musk.


A delightful pick-me-up fragrance that will

make you smile every time you breathe in

it’s fresh fragrance. 


Rêve Vert  (Green Dream)

Notes of sweet Vanilla, Oak Moss, 

Cassis, and Cucumber.


Green and sweet and oh so wonderful!


Baiser de Poire  (Pear Kiss)

Notes of Fig, Cucumber, Pipe Tabacco,

cedar, cassis, and pear.


A complex and compelling fragrance 

that is a joy to wear.


J’adore les Fleurs ( I love Flowers)

Notes of Fresh Grass, Sweat Pea, Vetiver,

Lily of the Valley, White Musk, and Geranium.


Like walking through a beautiful garden

on a rainy day when all of the petal fragrances

come to life. 



Deux Dragons (Two Dragons)


Notes of White Tea, Fresh Forest,

Dragon’s Blood, Pink Peppercorn,

and Sweet Amber. 


A bold combination of floral and


Roll On Scents

  • Due to the nature of the product, Roll-on items are not eligible for refunds or returns.

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